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 Who We Are

gachruda pr + m, llc

Ann Majeski
Sarah Heekin Redfield
A marketing maven with over 20 years’ experience implementing advertising, public relations and media strategies, Ann is a firm believer in the transformative powers of  fashion, champagne and a good laugh. She’s also a results-oriented leader and collaborator who thrives on the challenge of balancing creativity, profitability, accountability and innovation.
As a passionate member of the fashion, retail and writing communities for over thirty years, Sarah brings creative strategies to all aspects of marketing, public relations and sales. She is committed to igniting and maintaining the continued successes of her clients. With fashion focused knowledge that gives her clients an edge in a competitive climate, Sarah knows it's a jungle out there, so dress appropriately.
Tara Redfield
​Fashion culture-surfer extraordinaire, Tara brings social media and writing expertise as well as spot-on insight into trending fashion and fashion retail. Her ability to create engagement via social media channels allows our clients to successfully communicate with their desired and intended audience. Tara is also a huge talent in front of the camera. She most recently booked Yoplait Frozen Yogurt, national commercial.
Director of Social Media
Team gachruda
​Our team of creative professionals offers ongoing expertise in all areas of marketing, public relations and sales support. Our ability to bring together a team specifically sized to meet our clients needs allows us to offer value-based services and insure excellence for timely project completion.  
Project Support